Patient Participation Group

Working together for the health of the community

In common with many other medical practices, Aboyne Medical Practice has a PATIENT PARTICIPATION GROUP (PPG). We are volunteers, all of whom are registered patients or staff at the Practice. 
Our aim is to work together with the Practice to help the Practice better understand the needs of the registered patient community and deliver services in a way that meets those needs. We provide an easy and safe way for patients to share their thoughts, ideas and feedback with the Practice. 
We are a friendly group of people of all ages who care passionately about the range and quality of primary care services available to the local community. We have regular meetings (normally quarterly) and these include both the Practice Manager and Practice Partners.
Our Aim The aim of the PPG is to; 
  • Provide a channel for the transfer of information between the Practice and its registered patients.
  • Provide a forum where patient concerns can be raised and addressed and where patient appreciation can be passed on.
  • Support the aims of the Practice in the community. 
  • Communicate improvement ideas and suggestions from registered patients to the Practice. 
Get Involved 
New members are most welcome. No previous experience is required but a common sense, positive, practical and people friendly approach is most welcome. Everyone is encouraged to speak up at meetings and offer their ideas, thoughts and opinions. 
If you are currently a registered patient at Aboyne Medical Practice, are over 16 years of age and are interested in joining the PPG or just finding out more, please contact us on
CONFIDENTIALITY - The Aboyne Patient Participation Group (PPG) will never have access to any clinical records or any other form of private patient information. Any information shared by the Medical Practice with the PPG is non-patient specific and will remain strictly confidential within the PPG. Members of the PPG are bound by the confidentiality terms as is defined in the PPG Constitution, a copy of which is available upon request